Scottish Renal Nurses Strategy Group

Philosophy / Mission Statement

Scottish Renal Nurses recognised an overwhelming need for a collaborative approach to develop Renal Nursing Services within Scotland. In response to this the Scottish Renal Nurses Strategy Group (SRNSG) was formed in 2002.

The philosophy of this group is to identify nursing priorities for renal services within Scotland to provide clear direction for nursing staff working within the specialty. The strategy group was developed in collaboration with representatives from all Scottish Renal units and in consultation with relevant national groups and continues in this vein today.

Aims of the SRNSG 

 Collaborative working Supporting the sharing of good practice

dot Continuous quality improvement

 Professional networking

dot Adapt to evolving care needs of the renal population

dot Standardised care and documentation across Scotland in line with local policies.


The Chair of the SRNSG is Susan McGeorge, Renal Clinical Educator, Tayside Renal Service. Email:

Strategy Group
05/02/202010.30 am – 4 pmPerth
24/06/202010.30 am – 4 pmMonklands
28/10/202010.30 am – 4 pmAberdeen
02/03/202010.30 am – 3 pmPerth
06/07/202010.30 am – 3 pmPerth
05/10/202010.30 am – 3 pmPerth