Training in Renal Medicine in Scotland

Renal Specialty Training

There are four regions which provide Renal Medicine training programmes in Scotland. Details can be found on the NHS Scotland Scottish Medical Training site HERE

A description of the route to renal training is detailed on the Physician Higher Specialty Training Recruitment website. This details how you can enter renal training and has links to details of the requirements for application to the training programmes.

There is a wealth of extra activities that can be integrated with Renal training including clinical/epidemiology/lab science, teaching/education and leadership training as well as opportunities to work abroad.

Other opportunities to work in Renal Medicine

Many doctors and students wish to learn and participate in renal medicine and there are plenty of educational and placement and Clinical Fellow jobs opportunities throughout Scotland. #

Undergraduate Renal Experience

Renal physicians and trainees provide lots of teaching to undergraduate medical students. They often provide well thought out, achievable audit/research projects often resulting in conference presentations or publications. There are many opportunities for students to learn renal medicine, choosing renal topics for self selected modules, projects or elective placements.

General Renal Education Resources

For Renal education on various topics here are some useful sites:

GlomCon- Monthly, worldwide, Keynote review Lectures

NephJC– Bi-Monlthy Twitter journal discussion and paper summaries

‚ÄčERA Journal Club ¬†European renal Journal club

Renal Fellow Network– Useful digest of literature. Courses and conference News ( USA based)

Welsh Kidney Well run site by Renal trainees, for renal trainees