Abstract prizewinners

Aberdeen Conference 10-11 November 2022

Best Medical Abstracts

David Baird – Discovery of novel renal epithelial senescence associated biomarkers

Fiona Chapman – Apelin increases forearm blood flow in chronic kidney disease

Third place medical abstract

James Millar – The use of collaborative, regional approach to deliver immersive simulation in renal emergencies

Ailish Nimmo – Developing a renal crash course for new nephrology trainees

Best Student Abstract

Navjot Purewal – Accessing health information in kidney disease: what do patients want to know?

Best Nursing Abstract

Stuart Ross – Incremental haemodialysis – The Raigmore Experience

Virtual Conference (11 November 2021)

Best Medical Abstract – Jennifer Lees

The risk of site specific cancer incidence and cancer death in people with CKD”

Second place medical abstract – Catherine Russell

SGLT2 inhibitor use in secondary care nephrology: clinical demand and patient distribution

Third place medical abstract – Emilie Lambourg

Outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with chronic kidney disease

Best Student abstract – Lucija Kovacic

Can cardiopulmonary exercise test results predict the length of critical care stay in patients undergoing simultaneous kidney pancreas transplant?

Best Science abstract – Dana Kidder

Siglec-9 engagement reduces ANCA-mediated neutrophil activation in vitro

Best Poster presentation – Bruce Dickson

The impact of fluconazole on tacrolimus levels in simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation

Virtual Conference (29th October 2020)

Best Medical Abstract – Dr Natalie Mordi

Renal and Cardiovascular Effects of SGLT2 inhibition in combination with loop diuretics in patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Heart Failure: The RECEDE-CHF Trial

Second place Medical Abstract – Dr Emilie Lambourg

Prevalence of Pain among the Chronic Kidney Disease Population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Third Place Medical Abstract – Dr Kirsty Crowe

Epidemiology of bloodstream infections in a Scottish haemodialysis population with focus on vascular access method

Best Student Abstract – Lucy Feherty

The Assessment of Renal Tissue Oxygenation (R2*) in Kidney Transplants Post Operation Using BOLD MRI

Best Nursing Abstract – Julie Glen

Outcomes for potential living kidney donors – the Glasgow Experience 2017-2020

Best Poster Presentation – Robert McLaren

The Impact of Obesity and Post-Transplant Weight Gain on Renal Transplant Outcomes

Dumfries and Galloway Meeting (24th/25th October 2019)

Best Medical Abstract – Dr Tariq Farrah

Mechanisms for increased cardiovascular risk in patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis in long term remission

Best Student Abstract – Dr Luke Zhu

Assessing Mortality Risk in Patients with Advanced Renal Disease using Feature Tracking Cardiac MRI

Best Nursing Abstract – Tricia Sutherland

Development of Future Care Planning (ACP) within Renal Services

ERA/EDTA Abstract – Dr Jennifer Lees

Glomerular filtration rate by differing measures, albuminuria and prediction of cardiovascular disease, mortality and end-stage kidney disease: data from UK Biobank

Monklands Meeting (25th/26th September 2018)

Best Medical Abstract – Dr Tineke Rennie

The effect of age on immunosuppression tolerability, graft function, rejection and survival following renal transplantation

Best Student Abstract – Dr Rachael Logan

Assessing the predictive value of ICD-10 coding for demonstrating rates and mortality from Acute Kidney Injury

Best Nursing Abstract – Emeliet Akuoko

Supportive Care in Kidney Disease in Fife: Pulling Down Barriers

ERA/EDTA Abstract – Max Ralston

Factors influencing hypophosphataemia after kidney transplantation

Dunblane Meeting (26th/27th October 2017)

Best Medical Abstract – Dr Eve Miller-Hodges

The utility of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin to stratify cardiovascular risk in patients with renal impairment

Best Student Abstract – Ross Norris

The development of an online education resource on AKI

Best Nursing Abstract – Jen Lumsdaine

Living donation Scotland: Changing attitudes towards living donor transplantation

Best Science Abstract – Dr Rashida Lathan & Dr Ryan Ghita

Adipose derived regenerative cells administered via the renal artery for therapy in a novel rat transplant model

Inverness Meeting (27th/28th October 2016)

Best Medical Presentations

– Dr Jamie Smith

A randomised single-blind cross-over trial of recovery time in high-flux haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration

– Dr Mark Findlay

The cerebrovascular and neurocognitive effects of haemodialysis

Best Nursing Presentation – Susan Stewart

Does Far Infrared Therapy on AV fistulae reduce the need and frequency of fistuloplasty and extend the life of an AVF?

Best Student Presentation – Theodosis Balaskas

Co-morbidity as a driver of outcome differences in men and women with less advanced CKD

Dundee Meeting (1st/2nd October 2015)

Best Medical Presentation – Dr Philip Masson

Prognosis following ischaemic stroke in people with chronic kidney disease: a cohort study of 650 people

Best Nursing Presentation – Stuart Ross

Preventing Chloraprep related reactions in Haemodialysis patients

Best Student Presentation – Rachel Smith

Woman and Chronic Kidney Disease: Exploring gender differences in prevalence and outcomes

Edinburgh meeting joint with Royal College of Physicians – 12th and 13th September 2014

Best Medical Presentation – Dr B So, Ayrshire

Statins for primary or secondary prevention improve survival in non-dialysis CKD stages 3-5: a community cohort study

Best Nursing Presentation – Alison Wood, Lothian

Direct patient care in the haemodialysis unit

Best Student Presentation – Paul Purvis, Glasgow

The outcome from ICU AKI in patients with chronic kidney disease